Fill your home with Lisianthus

Create an arrangement full of these year-round blooms!

The lovely Lisianthus is a versatile flower that's available all year long making it the perfect addition to any home. Get inspired with our creations, find your favourite vase and create your very own homely Lisianthus arrangement...

Match colours

Lisianthus come in a wide range of colours so mix a few different shades for a bright and welcoming display. For a classic look, stick to one colour in a monochrome vase to let the flowers be the centre of attention.

Select single or double-flowered blooms

Decide whether you want to feature delicate single-flowered blooms or the more rose-like double-flowered Lisianthus. If you can't decide, why not opt for a combination of the two for the ultimate Lisianthus arrangement? Vase life for Lisianthus is between 7 to 10 days leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of your chosen variety.

Get creative with vases

With beautiful, soft petals, Lisianthus is a great flower to display in small bowls or mason jars. The colourful flowers have a striking effect even if when their stems are cut short - just remember to keep giving them lots of water!

Explore our slideshow for more creative ways to feature Lisianthus blooms in your home...