Heart-shaped blooms for Mother's Day

Give a bunch of happiness
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For a beautiful alternative arrangement this Mother's Day, we suggest a bunch of Calla lilies and Anthuriums. Calla lilies are a good luck charm and Anthurium are heart-shaped, so both of them are tailor-made for this occasion. The gorgeous colours in this bouquet will really show you mum that you love her! With its soft pastels, whites and greens, these flowers will look perfect in the kitchen, the living room or on your mum's bedside table. There's no better way to celebrate her than with flowers!

Mother's Day bouquet
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Calla lily has a funnel-shaped bract with an almost invisible spike, while Anthurium has a shiny bract, where the spike is clearly visible. There are about 120 different variety of Calla lily and Anthurium available, so choose the ones that you find most beautiful. In addition to the two flowers, you can also use decorative leaves to fill up your bouquet. We decided to add the carnation, as its pretty colours looked stunning with the other flowers, and tulips, bringing bright colours and the feeling of spring. All together, they make a beautiful picture!

Mother's Day bouquet


The shape of a heart can be found in the form of the Anthurium, making it the perfect flower for showing your mother how much you value her. The striking flower comes in many different sizes and shapes, and looks beautiful both in a bouquet and all by itself in a vase. Choose from unusual colours like chocolate, burgundy and cherry, or classic green, pink, white and red. We've used greens and whites in our Mother's Day bouquet.


Turn Mother's Day into a real celebration with the Calla lily (Zantedeschia). This lucky flower stands for purity, sympathy and beauty. The Greeks and Romans saw the flower as a chalice, and would drink and toast from it at parties - ideal for this day of celebrating your mother!. There are many colours available, from almost black to white, plus yellow, red, pink and trending lilac.

Mother's Day bouquet

Mother's Day inspiration

Looking for more inspo on how to spoil your mum this Mother's Day? We've got plenty of floral ideas for you to consider. Why not make mum a DIY monogrammed flower arrangement, or learn about which strong flowers to gift your strong mother? We'd love to see your Mother's Day bouquets - share them with us on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat.