Strong flowers for strong Mums

That power lady deserves a power bouquet
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She’s always there for you, with a cup of tea or a needle and thread. She’s full of energy, juggles 101 jobs with a smile, and always has good advice. How does she do it? 

Today’s superhero

Mums are today’s superheroes. With an invisible cape, obviously embroidered with a glittery M, they conjure up plasters, stews and a shoulder to cry on. Your strong superhero is the greatest person in the world. She deserves a beautiful bouquet with the strongest flowers around. Or flowers with a strong and unusual symbolism.


When it comes to floral heroes, we need to look to the gladiolus. In Roman times they threw gladioli to victorious gladiators. A flower for strong winners and role models. 

Sterke bloemen, voor sterke mama’s Moederdag


The Lisianthus has a tender, fragile appearance. But don’t be misled, this little toughy can survive in the barren conditions in the desert. Someone who keeps blooming even when the going gets tough - does that remind you of anyone?


At nursery you drew all flowers the same. And in the most fantastic colours! But wait a minute… those kids’ drawings are reminiscent of the ever-cheerful Gerbera. Gift tip: dig out one of those old pictures that you made, and present it to your mum with a bunch of Gerberas in all the colours of the rainbow.  


Chrysanthemum literally means ‘golden flower’. Perfect for your mother with her heart of gold. Nowadays the chrysanthemum is also available in other shades. This stylish flower also represents health and happiness. The icing on the cake is that the strong chrysanthemum lasts for ages. What more do you want?

Aster Mooiwatbloemendoen


If the mother in question is also a grandmother, buy her a big bunch of asters. They bring a happy old age. They look fabulous in a big bouquet, or adorable in individual vases. 

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