How to dry lilies

Keep special flowers forever

Fresh flowers are easy to turn into dried flowers. When we receive a beautiful present of lilies from a special person, we want to keep them. They won't stay fresh forever, of course, but dried flowers are gorgeously romantic. From the whole flower head to a single petal, turn lilies into a real work of art for the home. Below, we guide you through how to do it.



It's common practice to leave flowers out to dry. All you have to do is hang the flowers upside down in a warm, dark, dry spot.

Before you start, remove the bottom leaves and tie the flowers loosely in a bunch. Then hang the flowers up and  wait, sometimes for up to two months, until the flowers are well and truly dry.

Drying with paper

This method requires a bit more work. You need a wooden press, newspapers and blotting paper. Construct the flower press layer by layer: a few layers of newspaper, blotting paper, the flowers, blotting paper, and the newspaper again. Tighten the press and wait, changing the paper in the press every day. If you don’t have a press then a couple of thick, heavy books work just as well.

You'll end up with remarkable flat flowers that look fantastic in a frame.

How to dry lilies -

Special petals

Turn the petals into special memories. Give bridesmaids a dried petal from your bridal bouquet as a thank-you present, or frame flowers that you were given at a baby shower or birthday. Fill your house with floral memories for you to look back on and admire.