Icon’s favourite flowers

From Marilyn Monroe to Dame Edna

Female icons inspire us. As trendsetters, role models or because they open up new possibilities by breaking away from the well-trodden paths. They let us see - and sometimes even smell - new things. If you know your idol’s favourite flower, it makes it even nicer to have a nice bunch of them in your home. 

We wanted to find out the favourite flower of these inspirational power women!

Marilyn Monroe - Rose

One of the world’s most loved women could not fall in love with anything other than one of the world’s most loved flowers. A match made in heaven. 

Audrey Hepburn - A white tulip

Renowned for her classic style and her talent on the silver screen and with roots in the Netherlands, Audrey could not have anything other than the white tulip as her favourite. 

Brigitte Bardot - Oxeye daisy

This fabulous Frenchwoman managed to capture the hearts of both men and women. In the 1950s she was France’s answer to Marilyn Monroe, nowadays we know her as an animal rights activist. With oxeye daisies in her hair!

Madonna - Gardenia

The Queen of Pop has set many trends over the years. Her idiosyncratic taste is also expressed in her favourite flower: the gardenia, also known as Cape Jasmine. 

Drew Barrymore - Daisies, narcissi and sunflowers

It’s obvious that she loves flowers: she called her film company Flower Films and her own make-up range is called Flower Beauty. Jack-of-all-trades Drew doesn’t seem able to choose where her passion lies - or what her favourite flower is. A daisy, a narcissus or a sunflower?

Dame Edna - Gladioli

This grande dame, a character played by comedian Barry Humphries, does not hide her love for gladioli. They are as extravagant and colourful as she is. 

Here are some more icons and their favourite flowers which we also wanted to share with you:

Sophia Coppola - Peony
Angelina Jolie - Orchid
Anna Wintour - Tuberose
Princess Diana - White roses
Michelle Obama - Lisianthus