A moment for yourself surrounded by nature

Power napping among flowers and plants
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Are you ready for some me time? A break from all the requests, constant calls for help and for getting away from your screen? Drag a daybed into the garden or hang a hammock on your balcony and put on some chilled music. To make it even more wonderful, burn some sage and repeat your affirmations with your homemade flower crystals in your hand.

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In recent years, we have written a lot about the power of flowers and plants. Flowers, for example, create positive emotions, effortlessly beat your grumpy morning mood and have proven positive health effects on the elderly. However, flowers have also been used as medicine since time immemorial.


Close your eyes and let everything you feel, taste, smell and hear sink in. Were they the wings of a butterfly fluttering on a flower? Can you smell the focaccia with flowers in the oven? And taste the sweet aftertaste of floral lollipops still on your tongue. Concentrate only on the rustling of the flowers and plants around you - or a meditation podcast - and sink into the peace. Twenty minutes or two hours later, you will be truly refreshed after this power nap.


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