Sparkle with floral (prints)

You + flowers = perfect party outfit

With the festive season in prospect, it’s all about party outfits and festive make-up. That often means an overwhelming excess of glitter, lace, ruches and above all lots of black, white and red. But hold on a minute. Surely you’re sparkling enough already? So take a different fashion tack this year. Stunning natural and comfortable, with a flower (or a floral print) here and there. Look at you!

Sparkle with floral (prints) -

Stunningly easy and ‘au naturel’

Getting a baking-hot cake out of the oven whilst tottering on your stilettos. Your carefully arranged hair that gets a little too close to a burning candle. Or laying the table beautifully whilst a whole collection of bracelets clatter up and down your wrist. Christmas and glamour really don’t work well together (except in films). So why not put on something nice and easy? And leave your face ‘au naturel’? Add some flowers and you’re good to go.

Go floral on your dress and in your hair

You feel better with flowers, and also applies to the festive season. So put your floral dress on, the one that fits so comfortably, and focus on your family, your friends and that cosy festive feeling. A pretty sleeveless jacket over the top makes it extra comfy. No floral creations in your wardrobe? A flower in your hair does wonders too. For example, Gloriosa goes particularly well with a glass of champagne. Orchids are always up for a party, or pop a happy chrysanthemum in your curls. Hello December, goodbye glittery fuss!


The model wears a dress from Oililly and a sleeveless waistcoat from Mango.