The Calla: The wedding flower par excellence

Crown your love with Callas

A wedding? Your own or someone else's? Then you can't really overlook the Calla. Because the Calla and happiness in love are inextricably linked.

Copyright: Le magnifique blog, photography: Ashleigh Jayne

Wedding flower

It's no surprise that the Calla is at the top of many brides' list of flower choices. Firstly, the Calla has symbolised happiness and festive occasions since Roman times. The Calla is also seen as a lucky flower; the calix allows you to capture luck from the air, as it were. That's a lovely thought, isn't it? Add to all this fabulous love-filled symbolism the fact that the Calla excels in terms of elegance, and you have a winner on your hands!

Because the Calla is strong, tall and elegant, you can achieve a fantastic effect with just a few Callas. Take a look at these photos: they say it all.

Copyright: Wedsociety, Photography: Joshua Aull


Are you planning to go to wedding soon? Or are you set to be the lucky one yourself? We'd love to hear if you are going to do something with Callas. Please leave your comment below.