DIY: A bunch of hanging vases

Let the lisianthus shine at a great height

If your cupboards, window sills and sideboards are packed with vases already, it’s time to go up in the air! Create your own hanging flower mobile: as big, beautiful and full as you like. Let the lisianthus float through the air and enjoy it at eye level. Let’s get to work!


You will need

  • Small glass (jam) jars in various shapes and sizes

  • Strong wire

  • Pliers

  • Various flowers (we’ve chosen lisianthus, anthurium, rosehips and hanging amaranthus)

How to make it

Make a chaotic ball of wire. This is the base. Hang this cluster of wire from a beam, curtain rail or even the light over your dining table. This latter is very handy during a dinner party: since there are no flowers on the table, you can cover more of it with delicious food. Make sure the jars are nice and clean. Now tie the wires around the top of the jars and firmly attach them to the base using pliers. Fill the jars with water and - of course - the flowers. 

Drink deep

The flowers will carry on drinking, and the more flowers there are in a jar, the faster the water will be used up so top the jars up regularly.