DIY: hanging Amaryllises

Decorate your festive table with Amaryllis

December is definitely the time of year to push the boat out when it comes to styling. Obviously your carefully prepared (Christmas) dinner will be served on a stylishly laid table. A few candles, fresh flowers and luxurious tableware quickly create a fabulous look. But you can do more! Hang a handcrafted centrepiece with amaryllises above the laid table. 

DIY: hanging Amaryllises

An eye-catching style object

There are, of course, an infinite number of options when it comes to styling, but you do want to be able to still see the flowers for the (Christmas) trees. One striking item often makes the biggest impression. Create this marvellous floating centrepiece, for instance, in which the Amaryllis plays the leading role. 

You will need:

  • A metal drill bit

  • A drill 

  • Metal screw loops 

  • One or more thin tree trunks

  • Some short lengths of copper pipe

  • The same number of wooden skewers as copper pipes

  • String and rope

  • Scissors

  • Some Amaryllisses to hang in the copper pipes

Creëer de perfecte kersttafel Amaryllis

How to make it

Attach the rope to your tree trunk(s) with a loop, and secure the ends of the rope to the ceiling above your table. Use existing beams, or drill holes in the ceiling and screw metal loops into them.

Then use the metal drill bit to make two small holes at one end of the copper pipes. Insert an Amaryllis in each copper pipe and secure it by inserting a wooden skewer through the two holes (and thereby through the stem of the Amaryllis).

Cut various pieces of string. Use them to secure the copper pipes to the tree trunks. Don’t forget to carefully pour some water into the stem of the upside-down Amaryllis so that you can enjoy it for a long time. That’s it! Ready to impress. Happy holidays!

Kersttafel Amaryllis

Creëer de perfecte kersttafel Amaryllis