DIY: instant luxury with a peony chandelier

Theatrical flower arrangement at height

As an (unofficial) party planner, you’re always looking for inspiration. Themes, locations, recipes and the latest applicable trends. Peonies are always on the list of favourites for decorating a party. But we haven’t seen this gorgeous flower in the form of a floating peony chandelier before. Be inspired and get to work. 

DIY: instant luxury with a peony chandelier

For a cheerful brunch or chic dinner

We should warn you: a chandelier over the dining table will cause neck cramps from constantly wanting to look up. The nice thing about this flower arranging spectacle is that you can make it as wild as you like. That’s why a peony chandelier is suitable for any event. You decide how big this floral guest of honour will be. 

What you need

  • Hula hoop, green wire wreath frame or other circular shape

  • Sisal string or fishing line

  • Green florist’s tape or washi tape

  • Peonies 

    (we used these kinds: Gardenia, Christmasvelvet and Flame). 

    For additional flowers we used red Astrantia's, Aquilegia nora Barlow and Scabiosa antropurpurea 


  • Abundant green leaves and/or branches, e.g. jasmine or ivy

How to make it

Step 1

Decide how big you want your peony chandelier to be. Will you opt for a single or double layer? Ensure that the structure is tied together with (sisal) string or fishing line and secure with tape. 

Step 2

Wrap the foliage around the ring shape. Do this a few times until you achieve the lavish effect you’re looking for. It looks nice if some foliage hangs down vertically as well. 

Step 3

Place the peonies between the foliage and the ring shape, and secure with tape where necessary. It looks good to position centred groups of 3 or 4 flowers and then leave some space between them.  

Step 4

Insert some more foliage for an extra luxury look. On a double-layered peony chandelier it looks fabulous if the top layer consists only of foliage. How long the chandelier will hold up depends on a few factors:

  • The life phase of the flower when you assemble the chandelier (in button or completely blossomed)
  • The (outside) temperature
  • Whether you mist/befog the flowers

You can assume that the chandelier stays fresh for 1 to 2 days, after that it turns into a beautiful drying spectacle.