Enchanting peonies

The mystery of the floral world’s biggest seducer

Ask any group women what their favourite flower is, and the peony will be mentioned at least once. When this beautiful flower's name is uttered, faces beam and eyes turn a bit dreamy. Aaah, a bouquet with fresh peonies and soft colours - gorgeous!  Why does the peony have such an appeal? We’ve found out for you. 

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It’s the things you can’t have that you really, really want. Scarcity works, including in the world of flowers. The peony is widely available in May and June, but we have to live without it for the rest of the year. And that really gives us a ‘got to have it’ feeling. 

Luxury look

Place a couple of peonies in a simple glass vase and it looks like you’ve missed your calling as an interior stylist. Peonies don’t need much to steal the show. With their natural allure they ooze luxury and opulence. And don't we all crave some of that from time to time?

Different every day

Powder pink, romantic white or mysterious red. With single or double flowers. A mono bouquet, or a mixture of shapes. No two peony bouquets are the same. There are so many possibilities that there’s never enough time to enjoy these beauties. We want more!

A beautiful memory 

Its popularity means that the peony is a welcome guest at weddings, baby showers and other festivities. The fragrance takes you back to that special day. Its satin-soft petals remind you of the beautiful outfit you wore. Oh, the days! With peonies on the table you can hear the bells chiming again, you can taste red velvet cake in your mouth, and you can see the happy faces of loved ones around you. Butterflies in your stomach, a warm heart. Has the peony season started yet?