Exposé #17: Bas Meeuws

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

We’re proud to present Exposé, a series of portraits in which we introduce you to remarkable trendsetters who are involved with flowers and/or plants. In issue #17 we introduce you to the Dutch digital florist Bas Meeuws.

Meeuws uses digital means to modify nature. He photographs flowers and then uses Photoshop to turn them into a digital bouquet. That allows him to enlarge flowers, change colours and shadows or place a winter flower like a tulip next to a summer peony to produce a perfect photographic still-life. And don’t be surprised by a beetle here and there: anything is possible in art.

From physical to floral

In the interview you can read how Meeuws transformed himself from a physiotherapist with a passion for photography into a trendsetting digital florist with exhibitions around the world, with 17th-century still-lives as his model and their modern interpretation as his trademark. He also talks about his favourite flowers, his drive to innovate and his project at Muiderslot Castle.

Bas Meeuws Exposé 17 Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl