Fill your Christmas with flowers

Three ideas for beautifully festive florals

Say the words Christmas decorations and all sorts of traditional objects spring to mind: colourful baubles, a Christmas tree festooned with tinsel, twinkiling fairylights, glowing candles, snowy scenes, Christmas cards, mistletoe and maybe even a nativity. Have we forgotten anything? Yes — the flowers! This year we're bringing fresh-cut petals into our home, and making Christmas feel modern and beautiful with roses, chrysanthemums, lisianthus, amaryllis, lilies and rosehips


Reds, pinks and blues

Making the home ready for Christmas doesn't have to mean sticking with tradition. In fact, it's easier to spark feelings of joy and wonderment with something that feels a little out-the-box. Flowers create an atmosphere which is just as merry and bright as any cut-out paper snowflake, but with a bold and glamorous twist. Rich, deep floral colours and attractive cut flower decorations create a new kind of Christmas display that only adds to the festive feel. Read on for three tips to bring flowers into your home and create a truly magical Christmas.

1. An extravagant bouquet

Before you decide there's nothing Christmassy about flowers, we suggest you take a look at our fabulous bouquet below. This extra-large festive arrangement is all about the blooms, colours and composition. The flowers are luscious, the colours are deep, and the berries add a dash of jewel-like glamour. Place the bouquet on the dining table and see how beautifully the flowers are refracted in the cut glass of your champagne coupes. Or, arrange the bouquet on the mantelpiece, and enjoy the delicious waft of heady rose that wafts its way gently around the room, mingling with the perfumes and spices of mulled wine. This year, all we want for Christmas are these beautiful flowers!

2. Flowers on the tree

All good Christmas trees are decorated with a thousand tiny lights, a thousand beautiful baubles and a single silver star, twinkling on top. All that’s missing to take the tree from beautiful to best-of-the-best is the addition of nature's finest ornaments: orchids and roses. If the colour scheme of your Christmas tree is traditional red and gold, then opt for classic red roses. For a more contemporary, sculptural feel, a series of purple orchid flowers will look magnificent. If you’ve got a colourful tree, filled with all kinds of different glitter and sparkles, then let your imagination run wild and decorate your Christmas tree with all your favourite blooms. Keep the flowers fresh by placing them in glass flower tubes, filled with water for nourishment.

3. A candlelit advent

Regardless of whether you follow the religious meaning of advent, it's fun to take part in the ancient tradition of lighting candles to count down to the darkest days of the year. Create a cosy arrangement with candles in vintage glasses, adorned with ribbons and flowers in the classic colours of red, purple and pink. Read how to do it in our DIY craft project 'Floral advent candles'

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