Lisianthus on the wall

Styling tip: this is how you transform a bare wall into a wall of flowers

Do you stare at a blank wall in your home or at work? You don’t have to! With this styling tip you can look forward to staring at a flower wall with lisianthus.

You can create a beautiful wall decoration with a shoe holder full of lisanthus
Transform a bare wall into a flower wall with lisianthus

Make a flower wall with lisianthus

Refresh your home with lisianthus on the wall. It will also look great in your office or as a party decoration, because flowers make you happy. And it’s really easy to make, read on.

This is what you need for a flower wall

  • Lisianthus, anthuriums, anthurium leaves, rose hips, Philodendron and hypericum (or combine lisianthus with other flowers that you like),
  • A hanging shoe holder,
  • Strong plastic bags, one for each pocket,
  • A (handy man or woman naturally with a) drill and fixing materials.

This is how you create a wall full of lisianthus

Have you got everything you need? Then you can hang the shoe holder on the wall. In each pocket of the shoe holder you place a plastic bag, which you then fill with water. You then place the flowers in the bags, starting with the rose hips, making sure the thorns don’t pierce the bags. Arrange the flowers according to your own taste and your flower wall is ready to enjoy.