A peony bouquet for every style

Will it be neutral, small but refined, or wow?

Yes! It’s peony time again. It’s easy to fall in love with these opulent ladies. The flower globes seem inspired by pompons, and the petals look like silk. Available in both delicate and bright colours, there’s always a peony to suit you. Which style will you opt for?


A mono bouquet of peonies is always a hit. White or pale yellow, a neutral bouquet works best if it blends perfectly into its surroundings. Place them in a glass vase in a spot that could do with some floral inspiration. And that’s all you need to do!!

Small but refined

Do you have a shelf with your best china in the kitchen? Give the neutral shades a boost with a mini bunch of peonies. Placed in a small vase or a big mug, it brings the whole setting to life.  The perfect inspiration for some high-class cookery.


Place the loveliest and largest peonies in a vase with other stars like lily and gloriosa. The end result is a bouquet that will stun you. Wow! With a bouquet like that in your home you will definitely feel like a queen (or king).