The scent of seduction according to Barnabé Fillion

Three flower and plant fragrances to make your head spin

In the heart of Paris, the City of Love, we met Barnabé Fillion for our Exposé video project. He studied biology and psychology, is an established international fashion model and is turning the perfume world upside down with daring flower and plant perfumes.

Men and flowers: an Exposé sampler

Tradition and innovation

This charming perfumer learnt the trade from various mentors. Because each mentor had a different approach, he got to know the world of perfume from various perspectives. In developing his fragrances he plays with ‘tradition’ and ‘innovation’. For example, he explores how you can use a classic flower like the rose in a perfume in an innovative way. He makes the classic rose into vintage.

Tuberose is so seductive it’s almost scary …

The three fragrances

We asked Barnabé for the three most seductive flower and/or plant fragrances. He didn’t have to ponder the question for long. He said:

"There’s something ‘absolute’ about the rose. Something magical. The flower is light and has the fragrance of a clear night. Then there is the white night-blooming Tuberose. This flower is used in a lot of perfumes because of its strong scent. The fragrance is so seductive it’s almost scary … And then the third: Mimosa, of course. Very floral, powdery texture, with a hint of honey. Amazing."

Own perfume

Barnabé develops perfumes for stylish brands, niche perfume houses and fashion labels. But he also works for private customers. So you can get him to develop a perfume for you. A seductive one, please ...

More Messieurs

Alongside Barnabé, we also talked to two other fascinating men whose work is inspired by flowers and plants. Watch the video with Barnabé Fillion, Noam Levy and Christophe Guinet and read the articles about Noam’s The Green Factory and Monsieur Plant a.k.a. Christophe. Or was it the other way round?  

Barnabe Fillion

Barnabe Fillion

Barnabe Fillion