A splash of colour and cheerful prints
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After two years of the pandemic, there's a need for cohesion, a desire to move forward together and to have confidence in the future. With the Bright & Breezy style trend, people are looking for the joy of simple pleasures and a feeling of wellbeing and of being carefree. The freshness and colour of flowers and plants creates a holiday atmosphere in the home.

This style trend emphasises the joy and friendliness expressed by flowers and plants and underlines the healthy and relaxing effect of having blooms inside your home. The combination of bright flowers, simple patterns, cheerful prints and fresh colours sets the tone and encourages you to look at life through rose-coloured glasses - even if only temporarily!

Boeket op tafel in de stijltrend Bright & Breezy
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BRIGHT & BREEZY trending ingredients

This season's style trend translates into all kinds of bright and new ways to introduce flowers and plants in and around the house. We dress up this trend with upcycling and vintage objects. Any new materials are easy and practical to use and have a friendly feel. The designs are uncomplicated and optimistic. Think of organic-looking checks, stripes or fruit. Materials that we see a lot of are ceramics, coloured glass, plastics, textiles, raffia and granite. In terms of colour, this style trend radiates cheerfulness. Think of powerful pastels such as lilac and sea green alternating with brighter accents such as coral red.

BRIGHT & BREEZY in your home

Bright & Breezy inspires to create a setting where you can just 'be'. In this trend, flowers bring fun and cheer. You can really experience the relaxing and positive properties of flowers. For example, by making a DIY for hanging flowers, a bouquet recipe for the garden table, a still life bouquet in a cheerful way or by turning Alliums into a centrepiece.

how to apply bright & breezy with flowers

Your interiors don't have to undergo a complete metamorphosis to apply this style trend. A few adjustments can make a big difference! Why not try upcycling different objects into vases, for example? This immediately gives that Bright & Breezy feeling.

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