Underwater Callas

For an unrivalled beautiful effect...
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The Calla's trumpet shape makes it ideal for underwater centrepieces. The water magnifies the flower, displaying the elegant shape and colours even better than usual. Do you like to have this impressive object of style on your table? Make it yourself!

This is what you need for underwater Callas

This centerpiece is a piece of cake to make it yourself. Want to try? You can't go wrong with this DIY project! You need the following:

  • A few Callas in a colour that appeals to you
  • One or more tall glass vases
  • Distilled water

How to make this

Step 1: Fill your vases with the distilled water. This will ensure that you don't get water bubbles on your flowers. If you don't have any distilled water, tap water with a drop of bleach will also do.

Step 2: Slowly lower the Callas into the water, one or two per vase. Bend the flowers very carefully so they do not break. If you lower your flowers gently and hold them in place for a moment, they will stay under water. 

All you need to do now is find a good spot to show off your vases ...