Using up leftovers has never been so beautiful

Decorate your cutlery (with berries and flowers!)

A couple of loose flowers can turn your Christmas dinner into a floral fairytale, filled with natural materials to create an enchanted and luxurious feel.

Best choice for your cutlery

If you are hosting a festive dinner, a centrepiece can greatly enhance the occasion’s mood. But a) it takes up a lot of space, b) it obscures your guests’ view of one another, and c) it's really something that's more for your aunt Agatha. Alternatively: fold the cutlery into napkins with a ribbon around them. Insert the calla, rosehip, ilex, euphorbia and phalaenopsis that you have left over from your December collage. Once your guests are seated, everyone can simply place their flowers on their plates for lovely and relaxed boho chic atmosphere.

Restjes verwerken was nog nooit zo mooi

A bit Dickensian, but with a hipster twist

If you’re more into vintage eco-chic, then choose coarsely woven fabric and tie the cutlery together with a sprig of thyme. You can also use pine sprigs, but things can get sticky here because of the resin. Thyme has a better ‘pine’ look, but without the sticky mess and with a beautiful herby fragrance.

Scented napkins

If you want to echo the copper eco-luxury on the table, tie your napkins together with cinnamon sticks. They're just the right colour, right on theme in terms of natural materials and also create a beautiful winter spice scent. You can use all sorts of things to provide the greenery, but most conifers can spare a few sprigs and then the foliage is nice and soft and flexible for tying together.

Restjes verwerken was nog nooit zo mooi