Bouquet idea with colourful Amaryllis

A spectacular way to celebrate the year's end

It's a wonderful idea to see out the year with the most brilliantly colourful bouquet of them all, starring December's floral queen: radiant Amaryllis. Follow this spectacular bouquet recipe for a triumphant tribute to 2020.

Bouquet recipe: a colourful bouquet with Amaryllis

You will need

  • Asparagus
  • Rose
  • Amaryllis flowers

How to make it

This bouquet works best if you have an assistant, so ask your partner to lend you a helping hand. The stems of amaryllis are quite thick and you could do with some extra muscle power because of the size of the bouquet. Make sure you also choose a vase that is big and sturdy as well, to bear the weight of the flowers.

In terms of the colour palette we have opted for brilliant seasonal colours: pink, red, dark red and purple, with just a hint of green here and there. You can buy dyed flowers from the florist, or opt for natural tones.

If you're assembling the bouquet yourself, then approach it just like any other bouquet, just on a slightly larger scale. Watch our handy flower bouquet tutorial for tips before you get started. The best one we can give you is to turn the bouquet whilst arranging. This will make the result picture-perfect from every angle.

We’d love to see your amaryllis bouquet! Share the result on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat.