Bouquet recipe: Philautia, for self-acceptance

A bloom for self-love

It is time to think about yourself. We get that it’s not the easiest thing to do, and that is why Valentine's Day is the ideal time to reflect on this love, and treat yourself to a bouquet.

Bouquet recipe: Philautia, for self-love

Bouquet recipe: Philautia, for self-love

Philautia is a healthy dose of self-acceptance. Philautia includes all of your imperfections, it means standing up for yourself and understanding yourself.

The Philautia bouquet

While the ancient Greeks philosophers did not interpret this as narcissistic love, we are still including daffodils in this bouquet. The yellow glow is intensified with mimosa to radiate and empower you!

What you need

How to make it 

This one’s about you: get a heap of daffodils and mimosas, and arrange until you get your desired result.

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