DIY: Make child-sized bouquets with kids

Budding florists

Making miniature bouquets is a great activity to do with children. They say that early habits last a lifetime, and we think it’s never too early to start encouraging a love of flowers.

DIY: Make child-sized bouquets with kids

Learn about the flowers

Next time you buy flowers, get your kids involved too. Allow them to choose the flowers — don't worry about colour pairings, let them have fun discovering the different varieties. See if they know what the different flowers are called (and test your knowledge as well). If there's a flower they're particularly keen on, ask them why they like it, and look up its symbolism together. Before you know it, you'll both have learnt a lot..

Maxi and mini bouquet

With the flowers selected and lying on the kitchen table, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in arranging them together.

One idea is to make a maxi and a mini bouquet in the same style. The large bouquet can go on the dining table, and the small bouquet will look pretty in the playroom.

Another idea is to give your budding florist free rein to create as many mini bouquet combinations as they can come up with.

Making up a bouquet

If you've made several small arrangements together, you can use a nice drinking glass or a clean jam jar in place of larger vases.

Trim the stems diagonally with a knife or scissors before placing them in water, but watch out for little fingers in case of accidents. It's also a good idea to avoid using cut flower food in the water if your children are very young.

Finish off the creation with a beautiful ribbon in an elegant bow, tied around the flowers or vase.

Connexions florales _Lajoiedesfleurs.frRegular outings

Your children are bound to have got the bug, and will no doubt be pestering you to do it again.

Make it a regular weekend activity while bright spring flowers are around, and encourage them to exchange mini bouquets with each other, or make up presents for their parents — that's you!