Valentine's Day

Because love is worth celebrating!

At a time when we’re surrounded by too much bad news, depressing social media messages and a collective general malaise we could all do with something positive in our lives. Let’s celebrate life and celebrate love. Love is worth celebrating - and needs to be celebrated ! 

Valentine's Day

More happiness with flowers/plants

Flowers make you happy. So hug your sweetheart and be calmed by the beauty of flowers. We are going to surprise you with lovely Valentine's ideas with flowers. What can you expect? Surprise him or her all day long with pop-up flowers/plants. Because how great is it to be unexpectedly surprised? If your beloved is sadly not with you at this time, send your Valentine a love letter with a botanical touch. Or take part in a competition to win a bouquet without borders. 

If you don’t have a Valentine

If your love affair is still at the budding phase, we have compiled a flirty flower Top 5. And there’s also hope for those who aren’t in love. This year you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones you love! Curl up on the sofa with our Valentine’s soap opera “The flower and the beautiful” or get to work on romantic craft projects. Broken heart? Ease the pain with a Lily plaster.  

Share your Valentine’s tip

If you have some good tips for a floral Valentine’s Day, share them on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @flowersdothat.

We hope you have a great day with your sweetheart!